PINSITA was established in 1999 and since the very beginning of incorporation has been engaged in the supply of the highest grade raw materials for food industry. The unique product, the stable quality of the product, timely and irreproachable delivery as well as flexible commercial conditions enabled us to deserve, among our customers, the reputation of the reliable business partner. We are proud that 90 per cent of the total number of our customers, with whom we have cooperated for the last 10 years, still remain to be our partners. This once again proves that we are reliable and necessary!

We represent one of the largest global manufacturers of pastes (purees) made of spicy paprika (chili peppers) and sweet paprika. We guarantee the highest stability of product quality and delivery. The raw materials for the product are bought only from reliable farmers on the basis of long-term contracts on delivery, according to which farmers are provided with seeds, the procedure on the whole, beginning with the cultivation of raw materials and ending with the manufacture, packaging and warehousing of ready products is under close control. The technology of manufacture and warehousing of raw materials has been improving since 1958 and meets all the requirements of the European Union.

Our customers are the manufacturers of ketchups and sauces. In addition to this, the product is used in the manufacture of cheeses, in meat (for the manufacture of the seasoned spicy sausages and marinades) and fish industry.

We are proud that we contribute to the success of our customers – a large number of products in the manufacture of which our raw materials are applied as ingredients occupy leading positions in their appropriate markets..